10 ways to get in the Halloween spirit with your exchange student

With the falling leaves, cooling temperatures and Halloween just around the corner, pumpkins and parties are in the air. Eat, treat and be scary. Check out some of our favourite ideas below to spook yourself into the Halloween spirit!

1. Have a scary movie night

Heat the popcorn, grab the candy bowl, and get ready to curl up and cover your eyes. Check out some of our favorites - Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Casper.

2. Throw a costume party

What are you going to dress up as this year? A superhero? A Pokemon? Your favorite celebrity?

3. Go to a haunted attraction

Haunted houses, hayrides, and spooky corn mazes are all good for a little fright!

4. Tell ghost stories

Best told over a bonfire and with a flashlight, preferably outdoors, at night, where everyone can be a bit more spooked. Don't forget to watch your back!

5. Carve pumpkins

Head to the pumpkin patch and grab the perfect Jack-o-lantern-to-be. Fun fact: the Jack-o-lantern originated in Ireland! Did you know that you can bake the seeds inside and enjoy a classic autumn treat while carving spooky designs into your pumpkin?

6. Do some decorating

Time to head to the attic and dig around for the cobwebs, skeletons and orange lights - don't forget to put your carved pumpkins outside.

7. Bake festive treats

Have you ever had a candy apple? How about a S'more? Time to taste all the sinful sweets - try putting on a spookly playlist of music and keep some garlic around to fend off any vampires in the kitchen!

8. Explore local legends

In there anything in your community that remains unsolved? Dig into your spooky town history or head into Dublin or Galway for a ghost tour!

9. Fill up on candy

Sweet, chocolate, fruity? Pick your poison. This month the Irish buy loads of candy to spread the Halloween spirit. Bring some into school or work to share with your teachers and colleagues.

10. Go trick or treating

You can't beat this classic tradition. Plan your route, grab a buddy, and fill your bags with sweet treats from friends and family in your neighborhood!

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