When will my exchange student arrive?

Exchange students arriving during the summer traditionally attend one |of our EF-sponsored orientation programmes— EF Camp or EF Welcome Days—in the Dublin area before traveling to their host families. Students travel to Ireland at the end of August. Students arriving in the second semester will travel directly from their home country to their host family’s home, arriving at the beginning of January.

1- Arrival week determined based on EF Camp or EF Welcome Days

2- Flight details are confirmed about one week before departure

3- Departure from home country

4- Welcome Days or Camp for all incoming students in the summer

5- Travel to host family

When will my student arrive?

Students will arrive to your home at the end of August. We organize coaches from the Dublin area and will set up a coach stop in your area. You will receive arrival times roughly 2-3 weeks prior to your student's arrival.

What should I do for the welcome?

Make that first encounter exciting! Bring a sign and take photos. Try not to speak too quickly. Your student will probably be nervous and hesitant about their English. Put your student at ease by smiling, laughing and showing you’re looking forward to the exchange. Remember that your student will also be very tired and may take a nap in the car or when you get home.

What happens at EF Camp and EF Welcome Days?

These orientation programmes help students adjust to life in Ireland by reviewing what to expect throughout their exchange. EF staff and student ambassadors help incoming students by sharing best practices for making friends, creating a positive relationship with their host family and sharing their culture within their community. They also talk about common struggles students may face like feeling homesick, managing money for the first time and dealing with culture shock.

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