Departure information

Saying goodbye is never easy, but with the right preparation and planning you can make it a smooth experience for your student and your family.

Farewell meeting

Your RM will either schedule a meeting or will call to talk about your student’s upcoming departure. The purpose of this Farewell Meeting is to help you bring the exchange to a meaningful close. You will also be asked to give feedback on the programme and suggestions for improvement. As with the Welcome Orientation, students are required to attend and host families are strongly encouraged to participate as well.

Flights and the journey home

Flight information will be available at least one week before your student’s departure.

Delayed or cancelled flights

If your student’s return flight is delayed or cancelled, they should ask the airline to rebook them on a new flight. The airport will have the most up-to-date information about what flights are available. Then either you or your student should call EF staff to notify them of the change. They will contact your student's family back home to let them know about the new flight details.


If your student's flight is delayed until the next day, EF staff will help find an airport coordinator to chaperone your student for the night. If there is not an airport coordinator available, EF staff can help them find and book a hotel room for the night.


EF Travel Support assists students flying with an EF booked flight. If your student selected the “Book your own flight” option, then this support is not available.

Farewell Days

Most students will attend Farewell Days. Similar to Welcome Days, all students will come together with EF staff to have a final event in the Dublin area. Students will depart your home in early June for two days before they will travel home. They will travel by coach or train with their luggage to Farewell Days. If they have exams later in June or July, some students may return to your home before they travel to their home country. This is organized by EF staff and you will have ample notice prior to your student's scheduled departure.

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