Why we host

EF host families come in all different shapes and sizes. From newly-weds to empty nesters, first-time parents to foster parents, our expereinced host families all have one thing in common: a passion for opening up their homes, educating future leaders and making the world a better and safer place. Oh ya, and they love to host. Hear about why below!

Host families enjoy bringing exchange students into their homes because they:
  • Interact more as a family (sitting around the dinner table longer swapping stories)
  • Expose their own communities to the world (bringing new people, languages and traditions to places that otherwise wouldn't have been exposed to them)
  • Build connections that last a lifetime (visiting prior exchange students in their home countries is a top favorite)
  • Influence the life of a child during a formative time (is there anything better than getting a new older sibling that speaks a different language?)

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