Program participants

There are three program participants that make this exchange possible: the student, the host family and the school. All three are carefully selected and supported by EF to participate in the program, and our goal is for everyone to have an enriching experience.

The exchange student

The EF exchange student is expected to maintain a positive attitude and a positive relationship with their EF host family, IEC, school and community. Students are expected to maintain a “C” grade or better in all classes. Student responsibilities include:


  • Communicating openly with their host family and IEC
  • Sharing cultural traditions
  • Being a positive representative of their home country and EF
  • Participating in school and community activities
  • Attending mandatory EF meetings
  • Covering all personal costs, including insurance
The host family

The EF host family provides a welcoming and supportive home for the EF exchange student throughout the program. Families are strongly encouraged to think of their students as members of the family, not as guests. Host family responsibilities include:


  • Providing a clean and caring environment
  • Providing three meals daily, plus snacks
  • Engaging the student in family activities
  • Communicating openly with the student and IEC
  • Arranging transportation to and from school and activities
  • Attending mandatory EF meetings
The high school

Schools accept exchange students to expose local students to a new culture and share American school life. The most successful schools make a point to officially introduce the international students to the community and encourage them to get involved in extracurricular activities. The school’s main responsibilities include:


  • Ensuring students are able to take a full course load
  • Making students feel welcome in the school community
  • Providing a positive environment for cultural exchange

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