Overcoming homesickness

As the excitement of an exchange student arriving in the U.S. begins to wear off, it's likely that your student might experience some homesickness. It's common for them to miss their life back home as they adjust to their new American life. While it may come at different times, every student will be homesick to some degree over their exchange year. It's simply a part of their journey, and working through it together will form stronger bonds that last a lifetime. We have asked some of our experienced host families for their best tips and advice on how to help you and your student overcome homesickness. Hear tips from our host families below!

Here are a few tips to help your student:
  • Get your students involved in the community.
  • Go on an adventure - go out to a movie, go hiking, go camping.
  • Be sure to check in around the holidays - students often can get homesick around traditional times they spend with their family at home.
  • Timing is important. Give them a safe enviornment to tell you the truth about how they are feeling.
  • Be patient. Culture shock and homesickness are part of the experience. Just know that in a short time this will feel like home!

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