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Our global family spans across almost all US states and over 15 countries. Through our social media platforms and the resources in your local community, there are so many ways to connect with others in the EF family. We value the opportunities that these channels offer to both host families and exchange students to connect before, during and after the exchange.


Our Facebook community includes host families, students, IECs, parents and EF staff. We have closed groups for host families and IECs to connect with each other throughout every turn of the exchange, and we host live Q&A sessions where we address any questions you may have.


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The exchange blog

Want to read about other host families’ experiences? Do you need some hosting tips? Want to find out more about your student’s country? The exchange blog is a great place to share your story with the EF community and get inspired by host families from all over the US!


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The students’ favorite platform, our Instagram page showcases student experiences in the US. We have students lead “takeovers” of our account where they show the real-life perspective of the exchange. They introduce their friends, take us on a tour around their high school and give an insider’s look into the events and activities they enjoy. More and more, our host families and IECs are publishing their stories on Instagram as well!


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The network for professionals, LinkedIn is where we underline the influence and positive impact our exchange program has in both host families and students. Here you can find information about how exchange programs work in the US, updates from our EF staff and the events that host families, staff and students attend together.


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5 ways to connect with EF in your community

Are you a first-time host family and feeling anxious?

Ask your IEC to connect you with a family in the area who has hosted before and who could answer your questions.

Are you a great listener?

Ask your IEC if you can attend any local events with other exchange students in the area to expand your knowledge of other cultures EF brings to your community.

Are you well-connected in your community?

Ask your IEC how you can share your passion for this experience and get other families excited about hosting.

Do you love sharing your exchange experience with everyone you meet?

Consider sharing your story with local groups in your area like places of worship, schools and community centers. When you refer a family to EF, you could earn yourself a $200 referral bonus.

Do you have some great perspective you'd love to share?

Ask your IEC to put you in touch with new host families in the area who could benefit from your tips, tricks and techniques for having a successful exchange experience.

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